MAJ (Maisons d’Accès à la Justice)


         The Ministry of Justice has established Access to Justice Bureaus (MAJ) at very

            District  level (3 lawyers per District) as decentralized service to assist citizens

            to access legal aid at free cost.

           MAJ Staff major responsibilities are:

·      To advise people on law related issues,

·      To disseminate laws and regulations,

·      To advise specifically Abunzi in legal matter and procedures, monitor and   

         follow-up their activities;

·      To coordinate the execution of court judgments and execute judgments for 

        poor and vulnerable people

·      To provide legal assistance and legal representation in Courts for poor and                

         vulnerable people

·      To handle all issues related to GBV

·      To assist people in conflict resolution through mediation (between themselves)  

         or between them and other relevant organs.          

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